Construction works to speed up traffic, improve flow and enhance road safety at the La Paz roundabout

28 Feb. 2022

The Barakaldo City Council has started the construction works to streamline traffic, improve fluidity and enhance safety at the La Paz roundabout.

The works, assisted by the team of DAIR Engineering & Consulting, will respond to neighborhood demands by providing a double lane in the incorporation from the neighborhood of La Siebe, as well as the installation of traffic lights at the exit to the A-8, as reported by the Consistory. The final solution will consist of two downhill lanes to the traffic circle, keeping the uphill lane in parallel. For this purpose, the adjacent landscaped area will be used for the creation of a new pedestrian sidewalk and thus be able to use the space of the current sidewalk to create the new lane.

In addition to the double lane, new traffic lights will be installed at the exit of the traffic circle towards the A-8 and the sidewalks around the traffic circle will be widened and renewed by asphalting the road.

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