City and territory

We have a multidisciplinary, global and international vision. This allows us to develop the urban resilience of cities, favour the economy and balance the territory between more and less populated areas.

All this with the aim of achieving a balanced urban growth through intelligent solutions to transform them into liveable, competitive, inclusive, sustainable and economically and socially viable areas.

Urban and territorial development

The growing process of global urbanization and the increasing concentration of population and resources in cities requires strategic management of their social, economic and cultural structures.

Polarization, inclusion and social exclusion are the great challenges we must face in the development of our cities and territories.

Our national and international experience in these planning processes has meant a radical change in the physiognomy of cities and rural spaces, generating areas for the enjoyment of their citizens, reducing associated environmental impacts and establishing the appropriate services for progress.

We develop projects that achieve economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives through strategic vision, the application of plans and normative and regulatory principles, and institutional mechanisms that contribute to urban development and generate a positive impact of our cities.

Smart cities

Today’s cities are facing challenges driven by population growth, climate change and the polarization of economic growth. The urban variable and the limitation of useful space for growth require a comprehensive transformation that provides a solution to these challenges.

The concept of “Smart City” was born to provide a solution to these types of challenges in order to increase the quality of life of citizens. Using information technologies and different systems (Smart Grids, Smart Buildings, Smart Sensors, eMobility, etc.), the aim is to integrate the main processes of a city (electricity supply and generation, mobility, public services, public safety, improved sustainability and urban efficiency).

To this end, we develop projects and studies that take advantage of the data generated in the city’s daily activity to improve its management and make it more sustainable. With these projects we increase participation and improve the quality of life of the population. Among them we can highlight the development of digital twins that help in decision making in city management and optimize the prioritization of investments.

New cities and urban transformation

We conceive the planning of new cities from an integral perspective, incorporating all the variables that allow us to create a functional urban reality in synergy with the territory. To this end, we pursue a model of a liveable and inclusive city that generates a healthy social dynamic and environmental balance. This model must be adequately equipped with facilities and services, generate employment, and be economically and financially viable in its development.

In addition, we participate in urban transformation projects based on social cohesion and public participation, environmental regeneration and economic sustainability. In this way we achieve the revitalization of deteriorated or informal urban environments.

We participate in the conversion of urban areas into dynamic, more compact poles to favour sustainable mobility and balance in the diversity of uses. With bioclimatic design criteria, intelligent management and maintenance systems, which allow them to be more competitive and attract highly qualified resources as well as activities of excellence.

Urban and landscape design

The city is the human creation par excellence, which allows the development of the daily activities of humanity, as well as the unfolding of creativity and the encounter of the person with the cultural, political, economic and social realities that shape our lives. Urban and landscape design, understood as the configuration of natural and artificial spaces, is responsible for turning them into places where contemplation, the senses and immersion in space play a fundamental role in the configuration of our territory.

We work to create value in the city and the landscape so that they become, from their complexity and multidisciplinary character, more habitable, sustainable and attractive. In short, habitable space for the realization of the person and preferential place for human coexistence.

We develop urban design projects in response to citizen participation and the interests of our clients, aimed at reconciling growth and urban planning with people and the environment. The goal is to achieve more liveable and accessible spaces, towns and cities.


San Fausto new square in Basauri

San Fausto new square.

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Red Sea Urban Codes urban plan in Saudi Arabia

Transport & infrastructure assessment for preparing an Urban Codes for the area surrounding the Red Sea project.

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Ribera Galindo east park design in Barakaldo

Projects with jury intervention, for the urban design of the Ria front and the Ribera del Nervión park in the Galindo-east area in Barakaldo.

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