Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

We specialize in planning and developing innovative, comprehensive, and sustainable consulting and civil engineering solutions, aimed at fostering thriving urban environments for the future.

Thanks to our wide experience in the design of urban and interurban transportation infrastructures, we contribute to incorporate new kinds of mobility that are more sustainable, efficient and safe.

We are at the forefront of new technological tools and innovative processes. This allows us to optimize the development of transportation systems, starting from the planning and decision-making phase, through design and construction supervision, to commissioning, operation, maintenance and modernization of the infrastructure throughout its useful life.

Roads and highways | Rail, metro and LRT | Bridges and tunnels | Road safety and ITS |

We provide expertise in mobility planning and traffic studies in urban environments. We encourage the movement of people and goods in our cities in an easy, efficient, safe and sustainable way.

We plan our projects within parameters that seek a sustainable transport capable of promoting more competitive, inclusive and healthy cities and urban environments.

Sustainable urban mobility | Mobility and traffic studies | Public and shared transportation | Cycling, pedestrian, school and commuting mobility |

We develop innovative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where population growth, climate change, industrial development and the aging of water resources allow the availability of this essential resource and contribute to sustainable development.

We work to ensure that water reaches all parts of the planet, contributing to the realization of the universal right to water and the efficient use of natural resources.

Water supply and irrigation | Sewerage and water treatment | Stormwater and drainage | River hydraulics and flooding |

We help our clients around the world to plan and design environmental solutions aligned with a greater ecological awareness and interest in sustainable development, as well as the implementation of new environmental protection laws and regulations.

Aiming to balance all human activities and developments, we minimize the footprint of our projects by applying new practices that protect our natural environment.

Environmental assessment and integration | Green infrastructure and biodiversity | Acoustics, noise and vibrations | Waste and contaminated soils |

We have a multidisciplinary, global and international vision. This allows us to develop the urban resilience of cities, favour the economy and balance the territory between more and less populated areas.

All this with the aim of achieving a balanced urban growth through intelligent solutions to transform them into liveable, competitive, inclusive, sustainable and economically and socially viable areas.

Urban and territorial development | Smart cities | New cities and urban transformation | Urban and landscape design |

Within our structures area, we are dedicated to developing and perfecting structural design and calculations for civil infrastructures, buildings and industrial facilities.

With international support, we apply the best available tools and technologies to design unique, functional and efficient structures. Our passion for excellence is reflected in every project, ensuring innovative and resilient structural solutions worldwide.

We rely on SILGA, a company that forms part of the Business Group, a global leader in the design and calculation of complex structures. Its extensive experience and commitment to excellence provide us with a solid base for specialised projects in the field of structures.

Bridges and viaducts | Walkways and urban bridges | Singular buildings | Industrial facilities |

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