We develop innovative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering solutions for a future where population growth, climate change, industrial development and the aging of water resources allow the availability of this essential resource and contribute to sustainable development.

We work to ensure that water reaches all parts of the planet, contributing to the realization of the universal right to water and the efficient use of natural resources.

Water supply and irrigation

We collaborate with governments, public and private companies to guarantee the management, operation, performance and effectiveness of water supply systems so that the population, communities, and industrial and agricultural sectors have access to potable and/or non-potable water for their use.

Water supply infrastructures are the arteries that connect the water resource with the users, with special importance being given to transport and distribution projects from the sources of origin to the points of consumption. DAIR specializes in this type of project and technical works on large-scale hydraulic transport infrastructure projects, such as large transport pipelines, canals, pumping stations, etc.

In addition, we advise governments and regulatory agencies on water resources regulation and protection policies, providing solutions to the most critical issues related to water demand, development and management of infrastructure assets.

Sewerage and water treatment

We believe that the development of a cost-effective and sustainable source of clean and safe water is fundamental to the well-being of our cities. Through sustainable and efficient design, we provide optimal solutions in the different sanitation processes and water treatment and purification infrastructures.

We help to understand the value of water and advise our clients through engineering solutions that help them to comply with local and international regulatory frameworks, and to protect and improve their environments by promoting sustainable development for the future.

Stormwater and drainage

We carry out pluviometric studies of point and zonal values of maximum daily rainfall, which allow us to estimate the amount of rainfall on the catchment basins associated with a riverbed, watercourse or drainage line, together with the physical characterization of these basins, with the final objective of defining the flood flows at the points of crossing with roads, railways or associated with any type of infrastructure or facility.

Based on this information, we conceive drainage systems compatible with the hydrological characteristics of the analysed area and with a strong sustainable component, respecting the environment and taking advantage of water as one more element of any infrastructure.

River hydraulics and flooding

We provide experience in the development of hydrological and flood studies of river, channels and fluvial environments. From advice on the definition of river bank management and flood protection plans to potential risk analysis in accordance with current regulations, as well as river management and environmental recovery projects.

We help our public and private clients to delimit flood zones (current and future), adopting the necessary measures to reduce damages in the areas of interest and avoiding the occupation of these flood areas.

For this purpose, we rely on highly specialized computer programs (HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS), with a team of experts in their use and interpretation.


Technical assistance for water supply projects and construction works. Pack 2

Technical assistance service to the subdirectorate of water supply projects and construction works (2019-2022). Pack 2: other CABB systems.

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Sewerage of Legutio, Álava

Analysis of alternatives and detailed design project for the sewerage system in Legutio (Álava).

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Kadagua river channeling plan in Zalla. Phase 1

Kadagua river channeling plan in Güeñes. Section: Sodupe dam – railroad bridge.

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