Innovation Foundation Approach Vision

The way societies handle technological advances is critical for sustaining economic development in a physical world characterized by increasingly scarce resources and scarcity.

Innovation culture

Innovation is fundamental at DAIR, integral to its culture and driving continuous improvement. This approach fosters the development of valuable capabilities, products, and services that contribute to a sustainable future. DAIR’s organizational design promotes collaboration across departments, leveraging diverse expertise to generate significant innovations that address complex societal challenges

Research areas

Digital transformation

Digital transformation in engineering and consulting is now essential due to rapid sectoral changes, driving businesses, governments, and institutions to digitalize processes and services. Our aim is to help them meet current needs and anticipate future challenges

Building Information Modelling

DAIR integrates BIM into infrastructure digital transformation, enhancing project value through information management and stakeholder collaboration. We develop centralized information models for shared access across the project life cycle

Digital twins

Through digital twins, DAIR creates virtual replicas of infrastructures, objects, or processes, simulating real-time behavior. This technology allows us to replicate, experiment, and predict scenarios securely, improving current efficiency and future outcomes

Projects & Initiatives

Inventory and digital twin roads Generalitat de Catalonia

General digital inventory of the road functional elements of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s road network.

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Structural monitoring in the IOT of railway bridges

Integration of structural bridge monitoring into the internet of things with a digital twin.

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Operation and maintenance BIM model of Mamariga road tunnels

Services for the development of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) model for the works operation for the Mamariga tunnels updated on the n-644 road.

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Technology Partnerships

We collaborate with these entities in two ways: by supporting the training of future professionals and nurturing student talent. Additionally, we engage in collaborative projects with universities, clusters, technology centers, and research institutes

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