Innovation as a rationale

The way societies deal with advances in technology is what sustains economic development in a physical world characterized by diminishing resources and scarcity.

Innovation culture

Innovation is a strategic value at DAIR, an integral part of the corporate culture. It is a process of continuous improvement that allows it to develop capabilities, products and services that generate value for society and contribute to the creation of a more liveable future and a sustainable environment.

DAIR’s organization is designed to facilitate collaboration between its different departments. Each of them is the repository of all the knowledge, experience and skills in a given technology. In this context, a very significant part of the innovations is produced through the multidisciplinary nature of its projects.

Research areas

Digital transformation

For some time, digital transformation in the field of engineering and consulting has ceased to be an option and has become an obligation. The speed of change in all sectors has accelerated the digitalization process of companies and organizations.

At DAIR we advise and help public administrations, governments, institutions and companies to promote the digitization of their processes, products and services in order to adapt to current needs and anticipate future ones.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

As part of the digital transformation process in the field of infrastructures, DAIR has been committed from the outset to the implementation of BIM with the aim of adding value to projects through information management and fostering collaboration between all parties.

To this end, we develop and manage information models, which consist of a centralized database that is shared with all stakeholders at all stages of the life cycle.

Digital twins

Through the development of digital twins, we are being part of developing digital aftershocks of infrastructures, objects or processes that simulate the behaviour of their real counterparts in real time.

Thanks to this innovative technology we are able to reproduce, experiment and predict situations in a safe environment to improve their current and future efficiency.

Projects and initiatives

Inventory and digital twin roads Generalitat de Catalonia

General digital inventory of the road functional elements of the Generalitat de Catalunya’s road network.

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Structural monitoring in the IOT of railway bridges

Integration of structural bridge monitoring into the internet of things with a digital twin.

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Operation and maintenance BIM model of Mamariga road tunnels

Services for the development of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) model for the works operation for the Mamariga tunnels updated on the n-644 road.

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We collaborate with these entities in two directions: supporting the training of future professionals and fostering student talent.

We carry out joint projects with universities, clusters and technology and research centers.

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