Structures and Building

Within our structures area, we are dedicated to developing and perfecting structural design and calculations for civil infrastructures, buildings and industrial facilities.

With international support, we apply the best available tools and technologies to design unique, functional and efficient structures. Our passion for excellence is reflected in every project, ensuring innovative and resilient structural solutions worldwide.

We rely on SILGA, a company that forms part of the Business Group, a global leader in the design and calculation of complex structures. Its extensive experience and commitment to excellence provide us with a solid base for specialised projects in the field of structures.

Bridges and viaducts

Immersed in creation and precision, our team of structural engineering experts works tirelessly to deliver solutions tailored to each challenge. Bridges and viaducts are essential to connectivity and socio-economic development, overcoming geographical obstacles and facilitating the efficient flow of people, goods and services in modern road and rail infrastructure.

From iconic and unique viaducts to state-of-the-art railway bridges, we enthusiastically address structural diversity. With a unique perspective and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure bespoke designs that transcend conventional boundaries. Our passion for engineering and dedication to safety and efficiency set us apart, making us a trusted partner for projects of all sizes.

Walkways and urban bridges

We design and calculate urban bridges and pedestrian walkways, covering a wide range of structural materials. From majestic steel and timber footbridges to state-of-the-art concrete structures, our creativity and technical precision combine to bring to life footbridges that not only connect spaces, but also transform urban environments.

We recognise the fundamental importance of pedestrian and bicycle walkways in our society. More than just structures, they are connections that promote sustainable mobility, health and a sense of community. In a world in constant motion, our walkways not only link physical points, but also drive economic growth by improving accessibility and quality of life in vibrant urban environments.

Singular buildings

Singular buildings challenge the conventional boundaries of architecture and engineering. We embrace complexity with enthusiasm, providing innovative structural solutions for unique architectural projects. Our passion for technology, design, efficiency and sustainability converge in every calculation, transforming architectural visions into solid and lasting realities.

We understand that unique buildings require a specialised approach. It is more than just a structural calculation; it is the amalgamation of creativity and technical rigour. From iconic skyscrapers to avant-garde urban elements, we are committed to realising bold ideas. We are convinced that these projects not only define urban landscapes, but also drive innovation, efficiency and sustainability, thus contributing to the progress of society.

Industrial facilities

Within our range of services, we address the structural calculation of industrial facilities of various kinds. We excel in creating robust solutions for complex environments, ensuring that each structure is a cornerstone of operational success. Our commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in our ability to tackle complex structural calculations, ensuring safety and efficiency at every stage of the project.

We understand the critical importance of these calculations in the industrial fabric. Whether in manufacturing plants, processing facilities or logistics centres, our highly skilled team dives into the details to overcome structural challenges and ensure the integrity of the facility. We contribute to industrial development by providing solutions that stand the test of time, supporting productivity and continued growth.

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