Transport Infrastructures

Thanks to our wide experience in the design of urban and interurban transportation infrastructures, we contribute to incorporate new kinds of mobility that are more sustainable, efficient and safe.

We are at the forefront of new technological tools and innovative processes. This allows us to optimize the development of transportation systems, starting from the planning and decision-making phase, through design and construction supervision, to commissioning, operation, maintenance and modernization of the infrastructure throughout its useful life.

Roads and highways

The design, construction, operation and maintenance of road networks sustains territorial integration, extends cultures and supports the development of countries. We design and develop safe, comfortable, sustainable and operational road infrastructures, providing our clients with support throughout the entire life cycle of their projects.

We start the process with the study, knowledge and understanding of the territory to achieve the construction or renovation of the specific road infrastructure. We help transforming the territory through a new road network that provides maximum coverage and connectivity.

With the planet’s population growing steadily and cities becoming larger and more populated, road infrastructures face the greatest challenge of the last decades. In this context, planning at various levels is essential, with sound and effective management of road assets to help respond to the needs and changes that will occur in the short and long term.

Rail, metro and LRT

Rail systems play a key role in the future of modern transportation, offering sustainable solutions that reduce carbon emissions, create increased mobility with greater energy efficiency and provide long-term economic benefits.

We develop high-speed, conventional rail and freight projects from conception to O&M. We use the most innovative technologies and resilient solutions that meet the challenges of changing environments. Always with passenger comfort, the highest standards of accessibility and environmental sustainability in mind.

In addition, we facilitate urban connectivity in changing environments, enabling human activities in our cities to be enriched and enhanced by the high and efficient availability of public rail transportation, such as metro and light urban transit systems.

Bridges and tunnels

We offer fully integrated services through our team and regular partners to meet the needs related to the design, construction, maintenance and project management of bridges, tunnels and underground infrastructure, both in road, railway and pedestrian areas.

These structures are key points of most transportation systems, enabling efficient circulation and contributing to local, regional and international economic activity. They are also essential structures for the development of major communication axes, shortening distances and overcoming natural borders. They improve service conditions, safety and environmental integration of roads and railroads.

We perform state-of-the-art analysis and provide extensive experience in the engineering of new subway and open-pit structures, as well as in their subsequent rehabilitation and conservation. We use the latest technologies such as numerical modelling programs and BIM implementation in this type of projects and studies.

Road safety and ITS

We implement the highest standards for the evaluation of road safety on our roads in accordance with current regulations. We also perform analysis and the corresponding road safety audits. Consequently, we plan and design at the construction project level the corresponding improvements to modernize and achieve a more competitive, comfortable and safe road network.

In addition, we are working with the most advanced intelligent systems in terms of mobility and connectivity, taking advantage of advances in traffic support technologies and Big Data to streamline asset management, real-time traffic management and transport service processes.


Road access to King Abdul Aziz port in Dammam

Design services for the alternative road in and out of the King Abdul Aziz port in Dammam.

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Bazkardo road interchange between the N-I and the A-15 roads in Adoain.

Bazkardo road interchange between the N-I and the A-15 roads in Adoain.

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High speed railway of the Basque Country. Section: Hernani-Astigarraga

Site supervision and thecnical assitance.

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