Traffic and mobility

We provide expertise in mobility planning and traffic studies in urban environments. We encourage the movement of people and goods in our cities in an easy, efficient, safe and sustainable way.

We plan our projects within parameters that seek a sustainable transport capable of promoting more competitive, inclusive and healthy cities and urban environments.

Sustainable urban mobility

We collaborate with the different agents in the transformation of cities using planning and management as a tool towards a more sustainable, safe and connected urban mobility. We also collaborate with the different levels of urban planning.

We carry out cross-sectional studies to achieve the recovery and improvement of urban space. In order for all citizens to live together safely and respecting the environment, we develop participatory processes and provide solutions that favour equality and inclusion.

We develop, in an integral and individualized way, the diagnosis, planning and development of specific assets that, integrating all mobility actors, favour pedestrianization, the use of bicycles, the promotion of public transport, the efficient management of parking and road planning.

Mobility and traffic studies

We study the mobility and traffic of a territory through mobility studies and traffic simulations, based on the collection of traffic data and carrying out surveys or demand studies. Based on these data, we carry out mobility modelling, impact studies or simulations that help optimize resources and ensure user satisfaction.

Mobility and traffic studies are the basis for the analysis of specific situations that aim to achieve a better distribution of travel, urban regeneration or the success of different current or future public spaces.

To achieve these objectives, we work with the best simulation software and our team has extensive knowledge of these tools and their applications. We carry out transport demand studies, pedestrian, vehicular (micro, meso and macro), multimodal, turning, tracking and parking (space distribution) studies and simulations.

Public and shared transportation

We count with a vast experience in all areas of public transport planning. From policy development to post-implementation monitoring, providing effective, efficient, integrated and sustainable solutions for all transport means and environments.

Public transportation planning utilizes a variety of disciplines to optimize transportation design and delivery. Our services focus, among other work, on the development and design of bus and rail networks and infrastructure, public transport prioritization strategies, universal accessibility planning, and analysis and advice on intermodal operations.

We also understand citizens’ demands and mobility habits to create connections by implementing service areas and efficient shared mobility systems.

Cycling, pedestrian, school and commuting mobility

Our solutions and services highlight the potential of the bicycle as a sustainable means of transportation capable of driving more competitive, inclusive, healthy and sustainable cities and urban environments.

We also believe that cities need more space for people to walk, interact, meet and live with others. We help redesign our streets as liveable and safe places for all users, including their integration with the environment through greenways.

On the other hand, commuting to work and walking our children to school, account for most of the congestion and pollution problems facing our cities. We work to raise awareness of the high dependence on autos, while promoting viable alternatives through, among others, workplace mobility plans and safe school routes.


Universal accessibility plan of the technology parks network of the Basque Country

Universal accessibility plans development for the technology park network of Euskadi.

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Design and operational plan for Al-Uqair tourist road in Al Ahsa

Project for preparing designs and operational plans for the intersections of Al-Uqair tourist road in Al Ahsa.

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Uribe Kosta community cycling plan

Detailed project development for the cycle paths network in each municipality that makes up the Uribe Kosta services commonwealth.

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