We help our clients around the world to plan and design environmental solutions aligned with a greater ecological awareness and interest in sustainable development, as well as the implementation of new environmental protection laws and regulations.

Aiming to balance all human activities and developments, we minimize the footprint of our projects by applying new practices that protect our natural environment.

Environmental assessment and integration

We solve major environmental challenges around the world; assessing the environmental impact of all types of projects and activities, contributing to the environmental integration of all types of infrastructure through solutions that preserve and improve our environment, finding ways to use and reuse resources. We design infrastructures that respect their natural surroundings and are prepared for a better future where communities can thrive.

We research and provide solutions derived from the specific needs of our clients, through a multidisciplinary collaboration between our experts, partners and research centers.

In accordance with current regulations, we develop environmental impact studies, strategic environmental assessment, management of environmental procedures and authorizations, environmental integration and restoration projects, use and application of GIS tools and environmental supervision and monitoring of projects and works.

Green infrastructure and biodiversity

We are very aware of the biodiversity factor in all the engineering and consulting activities we develop, researching and applying techniques that make infrastructure development compatible with biodiversity conservation.

We seek to solve the problems that arise from the interaction between society and ecosystems, from an interdisciplinary vision, providing solutions for the conservation of ecosystems and the development of green infrastructure, a pillar of the future of urban environments.

We design and make viable environmental infrastructures such as pedestrian paths, nature trails and bike paths, sometimes taking advantage of infrastructures and areas in disuse to provide them with other uses that respect the environment and enhance universal accessibility.

Acoustics, noise and vibrations

We assist our clients in an efficient acoustic management of their projects, advising from an innovative approach the best way to mitigate and limit noise and vibrations, mainly associated with transport infrastructures, buildings and industries.

We develop acoustic and vibration studies in all types of buildings, industries and transport terminals. Our multidisciplinary team includes acoustic and vibration impact assessment services, acoustic modelling, instrumentation and vibration monitoring.

In addition, we are specialists in the development of Strategic Noise Maps, offering consulting and advisory services in acoustic and vibration matters, as well as the design of acoustic screens and noise protection from an integrative and innovative perspective.

Waste and contaminated soils

We accompany our clients in the management of urban waste and in the recovery of contaminated soils as sites of opportunity.

We plan and provide measures aimed at protecting the environment and human health, by preventing and reducing waste generation and its adverse impacts on the environment, and by reducing the overall impact of resource use and improving its efficiency, thus moving towards a circular economy.

We use specialized methodologies for the investigation of soil quality, advising on intervention alternatives in contaminated soils and cost estimation under sustainability parameters. We also develop soil decontamination projects and environmental liabilities.


Strategic noise maps of the road network of Gipuzkoa

Services for strategic noise maps development of the road network of the provincial government of Gipuzkoa. Phase 4.

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Lezama greenway and bicycle path in Bilbao

Technical assistance for the detailed design project of the “Vía vieja de Lezama” greenway, between the municipalities of Bilbao and Derio (Bizkaia).

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Green infrastructure for access to Bermeo

Basic project of the access to Bermeo of the green infrastructure for the promotion of slow mobility of the Urdaibai biosphere reserve.

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