Selected for the digital inventory of the road network of the Generalitat de Catalunya

17 Nov. 2023

🚀 We have been selected to carry out the general digital inventory of the functional elements of the road network of the Generalitat de Catalunya! 🛣️

🚗This project not only represents a significant milestone for DAIR Engineering & Consulting and its partner AIRESTUDIO GEOINFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, but also highlights the innovative and technological approach we are bringing to the field of engineering. Our commitment is to make the most of state-of-the-art tools and technologies to provide accurate and efficient solutions.

🌎Our teams will be in charge of capturing the point cloud and images across the entire scope of the contract, as well as extracting the functional and geometric elements. This is an important step towards the modernisation and optimisation of road infrastructure in Catalonia.

We thank the Generalitat de Catalunya for trusting our team to carry out this crucial project and look forward to contributing to the sustainable and safe development of roads in the region.

#Engineering #Consulting #TechnologicalInnovation #RoadInfrastructure #Catalonia #BIM

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