The BizkaiBizi public bicycle service has already begun to be rolled out

17 Nov. 2023

🚲The #BizkaiBizi public bicycle service has already started its deployment with 650 electric bicycles and 78 docking points.

🌎The Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the municipalities of Barakaldo, Berango, Bilbao, Erandio, Getxo, Leioa, Portugalete, Santurtzi and Sestao, have started today with 650 electric bicycles and 62 parking and recharging stations. This number will be increased in the coming weeks to 78 docking points, 100% of the service.

🧑‍💻El DAIR Engineering & Consulting’s Traffic and Mobility team will provide technical assistance to the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in the monitoring and control of Bizkaia’s public bicycle service #BizkaiBizi.

Download the app and move in a sustainable way with #Bizkaibizi!

More info here here

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